How Does Pressure Washing Help?

Pressure washing will help prevent mildew and mold from forming on your assets. Pressure Washing will also keep the appearance of your home bright and fresh, while brightening up your concrete. It will also lengthen the life of your paint and make your property more attractive.

Why is Pressure Washing so Important?

Pressure washing is a preventive maintenance service. Pressure Washing will prevent mold, mildew, dirt and grime build on your home, building or concrete. Mold and mildew is like a cancer to paint, concrete, and wood. Mold and mildew comes from a mixture of different particles like pollen, and mixes with moisture. When the sun or heat doesn’t cause the moisture to evaporate it allows the pollen or grime to start breeding and fungus is created. Once this cycle occurs it can be very dangerous to your homes and yourself, if not properly taken care of. This mildew can clog the pores of your paint, concrete, siding, wood and allow it not to breathe. Therefore the material starts to weaken and its durability decreases tremendously. Mildew can break down paint and also clog the pigments of the paint, which allows the color of the paint to dull. The paint will eventually weaken and start to peel as it wears down. Mildew will deprive concrete of the moisture it needs to live and make it brittle, which causes the concrete to weaken over time.

What’s the Biggest Misunderstanding About Pressure Washing?

The biggest misunderstanding about pressure washing is it takes a lot of pressure to clean the area that is being cleaned. The proper way to pressure wash is to apply chemical to break down the fungus, mildew or mold. Then use LIGHT pressure to rinse the chemical off the area and allow the area to dry. If the proper chemical is used HIGH pressure isn’t needed.

When Should Pressure Washing be Done?

Pressure washing should be done on an annual basis unless there is a lot of vegetation surrounding the home or building etc. If there is a lot of vegetation we recommend having this service done bi-annually.