Cut, edge, trim and blow starting at $40. We offer one-time, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services. 


$75 to check and set all sprinkler heads and set your timer. If a head is broken and needs to be replaced we charge $10 per head plus the price of the head. 

SOD INSTALLATION – $600 per pallet

A pallet covers approximately 500 square feet. This includes tilling the ground, removing the grass and fertilizing before sod is laid. Sod installation also includes the sprinkler system being serviced.

We install the these three types of sod and more: 


  • More Cold Tolerant
  • Performs well in the shade
  • More Drought Tolerant
  • Low/Medium Profile-Dwarf
  • Better Disease and Insect Tolerant
  • Denser root system
  • Prettier Green-stays green longer
  • More Adaptable
  • Responds to fertilization well
  • More superior quality
  • Medium to dark green color
  • Very dense sustainable root structure
  • Good heat tolerance


  • Floratam St. Augustine
  • Does well in moderate to full sunlight
  • Used in residential, commercial, and industrial landscapes
  • Has a wider blade than Classic
  • Grown in muck-base bottom
  • Grown in fumigated soil
  • Medium to dark green color
  • Very dense sustainable root structure
  • Tolerates a relatively wide range of soil types
  • Good recuperation qualities and fairly wear resistant.
  • Coarse blade structure


  • May be used on residential lawns and common areas
  • Lush, luxurious texture and look of a Northern-type, barefoot lawn grass
  • Deep, beautiful green color
  • Significantly fewer seed heads than Meyer Zoysia
  • Shade tolerant for hard to landscape areas
  • Fairly salt tolerant for less than ideal irrigation situations
  • Fairly drought tolerant
  • High traffic tolerance
  • Easy to maintain
  • Tolerates most herbicide applications
  • Fast growth rate than other Zoysia grasses
  • Chinch Bug resistant